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It Ends With Praise

Thankful For: The Oyukes’ & Wamalwas’ testimony

Parenting After Multiple Miscarriages | Soila & Curtis

It was no ordinary Sunday. 

My friends were dealing with a terrible loss. The kind that knocks the air right out of you and you don’t know if you’ll ever breathe the same again. 

When God whispered to me to go to Koki, I didn’t have eloquent encouragement and powerful declarations to give. There were no words that could fix what was broken. 

When I held her hand, what I had were tears. 

Many, many tears. 

So we stood there, before the Lord, and we wept. 

I can’t help but think that the same Jesus who wept over His friend, Lazarus, was right there weeping with us too. The hope of resurrection still makes room for grief in the wake of death.    

In a room where hardly anyone knew what was going on, He was El Roi – the God who sees us.

He saw us that day. 

Someone wise once told me that tears are the most sincere form of prayer. There’s no room for pride and pretence. They strip bare all we are before the Lord.

There will be times you get an instant miracle that catapults you to the mountain top and saves you from the depths of the valley. 

There will be times when God entrusts you with a miracle in motion. One that unfolds across the valley before it gets you to the mountain top. If all you can do is weep before the Lord, weep. He understands the language of tears better than anyone. 

So thankful for you – Koki, David, Soila, Curtis and your little ones.  

You’ve gone through the Valley of Baca and made it a well of testimony generations will drink from.

God had the final say. 

Won’t He do it?

Yes, He will. 

He always will. ❤️







P.S. Can we practise staying out of married folk business? You have no idea what people are going through.


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