Christianity Monday Miracles

When Life Is Too Much

Monday Miracles | Mary Kamau
Monday Miracles | Mary Kamau

Thankful For:

If you can’t take in anymore, there’s a reason: an essay on circuit breakers, empty buckets, and the shame-show of social media by Nadia Bolz-Weber

I was having one of those days. Where everything happening all around me felt just too much. 

Too much sorrow. Too much anger. Too much hopelessness. 

Too much to care about. 

Then God blew this gust of wind back into my sails. 

I remembered the fires He’s called me to fight.

I reorganised my life to better fill my bucket regularly. 

Find your fire.

Fill your bucket. 

Fight the flames you have grace for. 

Let God take care of the rest. 

Because only He can. 

P.S. Step around the colourful language in the post if you need to and don’t miss the forest for the trees. 😉






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