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Women Who Water Well #4

This month on Woman At The Well I’m celebrating women who’ve watered me well.

Celebrating: My mother. 🥳

There’s a photo of me around 1 year old. In it, I’m standing on a bench in a photo studio held up by a hand in the frame.

That hand belongs to my mother and in so many ways that photo is symbolic of our relationship. She has held me up throughout my life.

I’m living proof of the difference the prayers of a mother make in their child’s life.

Any chance she got my mother prayed that I would walk in wisdom. Different things would come before and after but wisdom was always somewhere in there.

In my adult years, I finally asked her – why wisdom? Why did this one thing mean so much?

I was left in awe when she told me that her mother – my grandmother – had made the very same prayer for her and her siblings when they were growing up.

My grandmother didn’t get the benefit of an extensive formal education. But she knew God. She knew her children needed God. So she prayed they would have Him. She knew she was limited in what she could teach them. So she prayed they would have wisdom for living – the kind only God can give.

My mother prayed the same over me.

Now I pray it over my lineage because I have the gift of faith that stretches across time and speaks to generations that will walk this earth long after I’m gone.

I didn’t just become who I am.

I’m a product of women who sought the face of God.

It set me on course to be a #DaughterDestinedForDominion just as they’ve been.

I’m eternally grateful to be mother’s daughter.


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