Christianity Monday Miracles

I Will Testify | Part I

As we approached the last quarter of this year, I was in need of a divine reset. This year has been A WHOLE LOT and I longed for a spiritual vacation. I told God – I need You to send me some ravens because I’m about done. 😫

He wasted no time leading me to Tiphani Montgomery and Covered By God. That He picked her to send my way is a whole inside joke between us because of just how similar our paths are.

Checked in with God and the LOML and decided to join Covered By God’s 3-day October fast.

The day before the fast began I had a significant business call that finally birthed a business idea that was in gestation for a while.

It was just the beginning of a month that has been full of protocols broken left, right and centre. My October was truly an Awetober and I’ll be sharing a few testimonies in the coming Mondays.

And yes – the ravens have fed me so well I’ve got more than enough wind in my sails for the next leg of my journey. 🥳



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