Scrapbook #20: Gazing At Jesus

“Beholding. I’m learning to behold something other than myself, craving the One I’ve been beholding, because how could I not? Enough glances towards this Man and words overflowing from those looks and I’m starting to believe He is who He says He is. In my daily, for my daily life. And in between looking up, we might catch a glimpse back at ourselves and see a countenance change.

Because you become what you behold.”

– Sara Hagerty

1. I’ve been taking time to just gaze at Jesus.

2. Really take Him in. In all His beauty and majesty. In all His glory and power.

3. Like Peter walking on those violent waters, my gaze is fixed on Him.

4. Instead of fighting to stay afloat, I fight to keep my gaze on Him.

5. Because it was never up to me to control the raging waters. The battle has always been His to fight and His victory mine to walk in.

6. It’s funny how stormy fears fade away the second you realise you are held by the One who has the last word over the wind and the waves. 

7. Perspective is everything.

8. May the reality of all that He is and all that we are in Him be birthed in our lives this Christmas season.

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