Christianity Woman At The Well

Go Tell The World

Woman At The Well | Mary Kamau
Woman At The Well | Mary Kamau

Drinking From: John 4 [Part II]

When the disciples found Jesus talking to the Samaritan woman, they just shrugged and said nothing. They didn’t get in the way of her encounter with the Lord. 

There’s a whole sermon series in that alone that many of us church folk could use. For the record, just because you’re not judging with your mouth doesn’t mean you’re not doing it with your heart. I’ve had enough conversations with God that go something like: 

“I didn’t say anything, Lord.” *raises hands in deference*

“Your mouth was on mute but your heart sure wasn’t.”


The Samaritan woman left to tell her town folk about Jesus and the disciples offered Him food. It made sense because as far as they knew, He hadn’t eaten anything. So His response baffled them – “I have food to eat that you know nothing about…My food is to do the will of the one who sent me and finish his work.” 

I am sustained by my purpose on earth not the pay check in my pocket.  

I am sustained by the One who sent me not the number of clients who call me. 

My sustenance originates in the spirit. 

I have to find it in the heavens before I can find it on the earth. 

To do it the other way round is an exhausting existence I want nothing of.

So I’m turning my gaze heavenward and rising above the clouds.

That’s what eagles do when it gets too rainy to see at the level they’re flying at. 

Rise above the storms of circumstance.

Then you’ll see the Son shining in all His glory. 










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