Encountering God – Part IV

Encounter With God By Mary Kamau
Encounter With God By Mary Kamau

That’s right. You are your biggest idol. People will give up a lot of things. They’ll even leave people and family behind. But the one thing only a few do, is give up self. Their dreams. Their wants and desires. Their will.

Allow yourself to die.

It goes against every instinct we have and yet it’s what we must do. You have to die. There can only be one God in your life and so long as you still live, you will never let Him take His rightful place. Whether consciously or not, you will push Him to the very edges of your life…because it’s still your life. Not His.

An Encounter With God

From The Blog Archives: An Encounter With God (Part III).

There’s a joke we used to crack at INFEMI back in the day. It was a joke based on truth. Sarkikos must die. The flesh must die. It’s the only way for His Spirit to come alive in us. And if ever there was an age when humanity needed His Spirit, it’s now. 

On a TBT note, this post is 9 years old. I had to count the years on my fingers to be sure. Whew. What a whirlwind decade. Note to self: I need to do Part IV of the original set of posts because the encounters just got better. 





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