Christianity Woman At The Well

Don’t Forget To Remember

Drinking From: A nugget shared by Cece Winans

“We only doubt God when we forget what He’s already done.”

Cece Winans [sharing something she came across]

Looking at the places where doubt has crept into my heart, I know this to be true. 

There’s a giant location marker that reads: Here, Mary forgot. 

She forgot how God came through the last time. 

She forgot the promises He made and kept. 

She forgot how God was good.

She forgot how He smiled at her time and time again.

She forgot who God is to her.

She forgot who she is to God. 

Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and forget not His benefits.

Sometimes you need to go back to move forward.

So I’ve been going back to remember. 

Back to where I encountered Jesus and nothing was the same afterwards.

Don’t forget to remember.

Your past with Him is a prophecy for your future with Him. 

Because who He’s been is who He continues to be and who He’ll forever be. 







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