Christianity Monday Miracles

Raising Younger Women

Thankful For: Older Women

There’s this moment in the middle of Cece Winan’s live recording for her Believe For It album when she calls Madison Binion to the stage. 

One of the songs on the album – Hunger – is originally written and sung by Madison. I know this because when I first heard the song it was the original version by Madison and it wrecked me. So. Much. 

Cece looks Madison in the eye and tells her – “I wasn’t trying to do this song better than you because I know I can’t. But I was doing it because I want people to experience the anointing on this song”.

This is an older woman who has a powerful music ministry and award-winning career handing the baton to a younger woman who’s just begun her own journey. Stepping aside to make room for.

It reminded me of a similar moment with Jenn Johnson and Josie Buchanan. Where Jenn pulls away from the mic and urges Josie to sing ushering her & everyone present into a powerful spontaneous moment of worship. 

Jenn Johnson & Josie Buchanan

It reminded me of how Lisa Bevere and Beth Moore constantly champion younger women coming after them in life & ministry. 

These moments and so many more mark my journey as woman. 

I know what it means to be torn down by women. Women who didn’t know any better and hurled stones at my head that should have been stepping stones for my feet. Women who did know better but their humanity got the better of them. 

I know what it means to be built up by women. Women who remind me to hold my head up high and will go out of their way to shine my crown. Women who will get down on their knees and weep with me. 

Women who reveal and remind me of the beauty of woman. These women are my #MondayMiracle.

If you’ve been torn down by a woman – older, peer or younger – forgive them. Release them. Let God do the work only He can in their hearts. Because the only one who wins from our animosity towards each other is the devil. 

If you’ve been built up by a woman, share this with her and tell her thank you. I recognise the gift you’ve been to me. I see you in this moment as you’ve seen me in a thousand others. 

Give her her flowers when she can still smell them. 

Then go out and be a woman who builds up other women. 

P.S. If you’re a man reading this, you can still acknowledge and encourage all the amazing women around you. It means the world when you do.






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