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Live A Little

Drinking From: The HOOD podcast by Sarah Muendo

All in All The H.O.O.D

Father, mother, friend, brother, sister, everything you need Him to be. — Send in a voice message:
  1. All in All
  2. He Writes the Best Stories
  3. Live a little!
  4. The Art of Surrender
  5. Never would've made it!

First of all, I ALWAYS have fun taking a ride around the HOOD

This inaugural season has been such a blast. Maybe because I know the main characters [Hi Gami! 🥰] so all the stories play out like a movie in my head. 

Definitely because my friend Sarah is incredibly wise and funny. 

I especially loved Episode #5: Live A Little. 

Sometimes good things happen just because. And it’s okay to enjoy them just because.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met Jesus in just-because moments.

It was a reminder to be carefree right when I needed it. 

The world can wait a little while. 

Sit with Jesus just because.

Laugh with Him just because.

Live a little just because.












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