Christianity Monday Miracles

Prophetic Arrows

I bumped into a post that was months old that I shouldn’t have found as easily as I did.

Some would call it serendipity.

I consider it God being God.

It was a prophetic word spoken over a renowned worship leader. About him being an arrow in the hands of God. In the same way an arrow must be drawn back before it can be released, God had drawn him back in that season so he could release him in the future.

Sure enough, years later, the evidence is there for all to see. He’s an arrow in motion for God’s glory.

In so many ways, the kingdom of God is inverse to what we’d expect.

You’d think that acceleration would come by being propelled forward.

But God likes to keep things interesting.

Listening to that prophetic word, spoken over a young man hardly anyone knew then but a whole bunch of people know now, so much of the season I was in made sense.

Talk about a timely word.

I was the woman with the issue of blood. Reaching out for the hem of Jesus’ garment. Jesus who was on His way to attend to another. But in that moment, He stopped to attend to me.

That’s the beauty of prophecy.

The living, breathing word of God that speaks not only
to one but to many.

How could a personal prophetic word spoken years ago to a young man be relevant to a young woman halfway across the world years later?

That’s the beauty of God.

He never ceases to amaze me.


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