Marriage Bed

Where Is Your Time?

How much time do you spend talking about your marriage/relationship/singlehood?

How much time do you spend lamenting and complaining about what’s frustrating you?

How much time do you spend learning about relationship matters?

How much time do you spend actually praying about it/for yourself/for your partner?

One of the critical lessons God has taught me over the years is that there’s a fundamental difference between talking about a matter and praying about it.

Talking (in the right context and with the right people) brings about agreement on earth. But only prayer can shift things in the realms of the spirit.

Both are important and have their place. Unfortunately, we tend to spend more time talking than we do praying. Not realizing that until we address the spiritual realities of what we’re dealing with, our talking will be in vain.

Today, in lieu of a typical Marriage Bed post, I want to challenge you to take time to pray.

Whether you’re single, dating or married, there’s a ton you can pray about. If you have prophetic words you’ve received concerning your (current or future) relationship, revisit them prayerfully. If you’re not sure where to start, the Bible if full of wonderful gems about God’s heart and mind for marriage and family.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how many blogs like mine you read, how many sermons about relationships you watch, or how many “couple goals” you follow and wish for yourself, there are things that will never change in your life until you tarry in the presence of God.

There are no magic quick-fixes in divine relationships.

But there is most definitely the power of prayer.

And it works.

But only for those who use it fervently and diligently.

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